Human Factor Training

Students classroom enviroment

Experts in the field of Human Factors

Believing in safety through non technical skills


- leadership training in simulators and on-board

- qualified instructor training

- development of pedagogy and workshop facilitation

- safety analysis and accident investigations

Previous Clients

Previous Clients

- Chevron Shipping - San Ramon CA USA.
- Royal Caribbean International - Miami USA.
- Chevron - Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited - Angola.
- Sikkerheitssenteret in Måløy, Norway
- Sikkerhetssenteret Rørvik AS, Norway
- The Royal Swedish Navy - Karlskrona Sweden.
- Swedish Maritime Pilots - Sjöfartsverket - Norköping Sweden.
- Chalmers University of Technology - Lindholmen Gothenburg Sweden.
- HR Konsult AB - Kungsgatan 37, Enköping Sweden.
- Health Care - Vrinnevi Hospital, Norrköping Sweden.