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"The point of learning about human error is not to find out where people went wrong;
it is to find out why their assessments and actions made sense to them at the time"

(Dekker 2003)

Human Factor Training

Human factor training. Problem solving and decision making

Human Factor training deals with
How (and why) the human being functions as an individual (and in teams) in complex operational environments”.(Our interpretation)

Focusing on Non Technical skills bring us into the areas of Communication, Cooperation, Problem Solving and Decision-making.

Safety Management Training

Safety Management avoiding accidents and controlling technical and non technical processes

Safety Management is being in control of a process. Dealing with Safety is not only avoiding accidents.

For management people on different levels it is also about reaching operational goals in a controlled way.

This means controlling both Technical and Non Technical Processes.

Leadership Development

Leadership contributes and building up a Company culture

Leadership training is all about increasing and improving Team performance – on all levels! Individual drivers and Team motivation can make all the difference. 
Leadership in operational environments involves managing people as well as understanding the technical environment and the organisation.
Leadership is the key issue that contributes to building up a Company culture. The Leadership process is the key!

Crew Resource Management - CRM

Our CRM concept

What is CRM?

What is CRM

CRM is the effective utilization of all available resources in a complex environment, such as employees, equipment, knowledge, experience and research to achieve the goals of safety and efficiency in the maritime industry.

Our method

Our Method

Changing a company culture is a long-term process! This needs a close dialog with the client.
We use e-learning to get at quick impact in an organisation, followed up by blended training, facilitation, workshops etc.

The primary factor for success is a full commitment from the top management!

A customized program consists of different phases:
• A pre study survey of attitudes and culture – Target group analysis!
• Before and after course assessment
• Real case study analysis
• Customized training system design – Courses, presentations, workshops etc
• Train the trainer courses
• Refresher system
• etc
Based on the findings, we will present a proposed program with content

Evaluation and assessment

Evaluation and assessment

The level and type of evaluations must be discussed and agreed with the client in advance.
• Students Feed back
• Measurement of attitudes change
• Observations
• Simulation
• Etc.

Our additional competences

In addition to the above we have competence in:
- General crisis management
- Safety culture Analysis
- Accident investigations

We strongly believe that Leadership and Communication training are the key issues of Team Performance and a good company culture

The positive outcome is increased confidence in Non Technical skills for teams and operators in operational environments. It is all about improving behaviours!

We train people in these areas. Why don’t you try! Give us a call!